Evacuation Plans

Evacuation Plans – considered plans for peace of mind

Having the plans drawn up is far easier than you might think.

All businesses require a well thought out and officially approved evacuation plan, as stipulated by Australian Standard 3745-2010. If the safety of you and your staff is not reason enough for you to put an effective plan in action, keep in mind that a substantial fine can be applied if you’re found to be unprepared.


Before any plans are drafted or finalised, one of our technicians will visit your premises to inspect the surrounding area and building layout. To allow for total effectiveness, the plan will also take into account the manner in which your staff are dispersed around the workplace, allowing us to plan ideal assembly points. All plans and diagrams are emailed to you in advance for pre-approval.


Every All State Safety Services technician has been carefully trained to ensure that they perfectly understand what is required of them. They have a clear picture in their mind of how to best ensure the safety of you and all those in your employ.


As an added benefit to you, all evacuation diagrams and plans can be customised to suit your business image. Logos and appropriate brand colours can be integrated to ensure that each one placed in the workplace increases safety while never detracting from your image.

Do the right thing and implement an effective All State Safety Services evacuation plan in your office.

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